We’re Providing California with the Finest Cannabis Concentrates.

We’re Specializing in Distillate Cannabis Oil.

Here at Hash Artists Farms, we dedicate our time and energy to create the cleanest, best methods of extraction in the industry. Our reputation boasts our quality for potency, quality, purity and compliance. When you purchase a HAF product, you know you’re getting lab tested, high grade cannabis you can trust. We are proud to produce only the finest medicinal-grade extracts in California.

Quality You can Taste.

Since 2013, Hash Artist Farms has been dedicated to quality cannabis. Based in Humboldt County, otherwise known as the Emerald Triangle, we’ve been growing our business for over 8 years. While producing high quality cannabis, we also shifted our focus to the extraction industry.

Now, HAF currently stretches across the Northern and Central regions of California, which enables us to grow, inspect, and extract all under one roof. Our mission is to bring the consumer high grade, clean cannabis at a price everyone can afford, patient or recreation. Our willingness to share the wealth so to speak is your benefit, and we couldn’t be happier to help out.